Meet Chloe - Artistic Director, Principal Teacher and Owner.

Updated: May 25, 2019

Chloe Brook
Chloe Brook - Artistic Director

Chloe Brook has been dedicated to dance from a very young age. As a performer Chloe has had much success, she continues to train and expand her dancing expertise as a performer and educator to rejuvenate her passion, and equip her with exemplary styles and techniques enhancing her teaching ability.

The launch of The Move Performance Studio has been a dream of Chloe’s since she began teaching dance in 2001. Preparing for this dream to become reality, and a huge success, Chloe gained plenty of experience teaching and training in dance studios and High Schools, on the Central Coast and in Sydney, as well as performing and participating in workshops in Australia and Overseas.

In 2008 Chloe successfully completed her 4year degree, obtaining a Bachelor of Dance and Physical Education. During this time Chloe increased her interest in not only dance but also the physical capabilities of the human body in other forms of sport and fitness training.

Chloe knows first hand the amazing affect teachers can have on a student’s future career and life prospects, and aims to impart knowledge, passion and determination in her students, so that they can be confident to reach their full potential, not just in dance but in all facets of life.

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