Dance tuition at The Move Dance Performance Studio has a strong focus on enjoyment, physical fitness, artistic development and delivering the freshest dance moves and choreographic concepts.

Classes offered at the move aim to benefit the amateur, through to the elite dancer wishing to gain a professional career in the performing arts industry. – Try a style today!



A style that combines the technique of classical ballet, with the freedom and fluidity of jazz dance. Typically lyrical dance will tell a story; often bringing song lyrics to life by the choreographers creative interpretation. Lyrical dance classes at The Move allows for the dancer to release emotional expression and build on their technical skill set including turns, kicks, elevation and floor work.



Similar to Lyrical, but with a more abstract and conceptualized approach. Contemporary dance stemmed from the classical dance genre in a rebellious way, distorting classical lines and using dance as a form of creative expression. A class for the artistic, dramatic and expressive dancer!



This Class combines a mix of Traditional Jazz Technique and a modernised commercial style. A popular style at The Move lead by teachers who specialise in this genre and have experience training under the best in the industry! Jazz Classes incorporate the development of skills such at kicks, turns and leaps.



This allows dancers to not only move to the beat but make percussive music of their own. This class combines classic tap exercises and technical skills blended with a newer grounded street Style. For the child or adult that loves to make noise.



Hip Hop is one of the most popular styles at The Move. The Move’s Hip Hop style combines a mix of grounded steps, popping, locking, powerful and explosive movement vocabulary… contrasted with fresh, fluid isolation work. Our Hip Hop teachers are highly sort after and amongst the best in the industry!



Examination and Open classes are taught following appropriate syllabus content of The Royal Academy of Dance…” One of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world” 2006 Students can focus on attending a regular class in order to gain exceptional grades in each of their exams and later venture into professional Ballet careers in performing and/or educating. Others may choose to attend ballet classes to take advantage of how much it can improve your technique across all styles of dance. Many suggest that ballet is the core foundation for which technical dancers of Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz build upon.



This class is open to all, and also a compulsory class for all performance troupe members. The class focuses on improving a dancers muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. Exercises used in this class incorporate methods from Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Cross training and many other strength and conditioning styles. Strength and Stretch assists students in preparing their bodies, to safely execute complex movement and skills across all styles of dance.



An enjoyable class that allows boys to learn the popular Hip Hop style combined with basic break dancing skills. Strong emphasis is placed on teaching the traditional movement vocabulary associated with these two styles of dance including, popping, locking, isolation, power moves, freezes, floor and standing cross over steps, free styling and more.



Students learn a mix of floor and aerial skills from basic to complex, including tumbling, lifts and flips. Acro (Acrobatics) employs traditional gymnastic skills with artistic elements that allow students to use what is learnt in a dance context. Many of our keen Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary students are enjoying the extra skills that acrobatic lessons equip them with.

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Musical Theatre classes at The Move are so much fun and are sure to build confidence and expand a dancers theatrical skills. This class combines a mix of jazz dance, drama and singing taught by highly trained and experienced teachers.



KTL (Kicks, Turns & Leaps), as the name suggests, this is a class focused primarily on building and improving a dancer’s skill set.  Dancers learn a variety of kicks, turns and leaps used in jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance. This class will assist dancers refine their technical execution of skills focusing on correct placement and alignment.



"Your Little star will shine bright at The Move". We have a great range of classes to suit your preschooler or kindergarten groover. These classes are structured with class content to suit the physical and cognitive ability level of your child! Your little one will be taught by experienced, educated and professional teachers who will provide a fun and safe learning environment!! These classes will boost your child's love of dance, music, physical activity and creativity!

Keep an eye out for more exciting classes. If you are interested in any classes not yet offered at The Move Dance Studio please forward your interest to: