Strength and Stretch

strength stretch

This class is open to all, and a compulsory class for all performance troupe members. The class focuses on improving a dancers muscular strength, flexibility and endurance. Warm up and stretch exercises incorporate methods from Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, and many other popular fitness training styles.
Students also develop their dance technique and continually expand the number of dance skills they can perform.

Strength and Stretch compliments all styles of dance and assists students in becoming a highly versatile and skilled dancer.



This allows dancers to not only move to the beat but make percussive music of their own. This class combines classic tap exercises and technical skills blended with a newer grounded street Style.

For the child or adult that loves to make noise.

R.A.D Ballet Open and Examination


Examination and Open classes are taught following appropriate syllabus content of The Royal Academy of Dance…”One of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world” 2006 Students can focus on attending regular class in order to gain exceptional grades in each of their exams and later venture into professional Ballet careers in performing and/or educating. Others may choose to attend ballet classes to take advantage of how much it can improve your technique across all styles of dance. Many suggest that ballet is the core foundation for which technical dancers of Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz build upon.



A Fusion of Lyrical Jazz, Modern Dance and Abstract Contemporary Dance.

This class enables students to physically express emotion through their dancing. Dancers learn contrasting movement skills from fluid, graceful and precise to explosive and sharp. Technique learnt in this class includes a mix of elevation, extension, isolation and much floor work.



Hip Hop is an increasingly popular dance style, many are choosing to enroll in at The Move.

The Move’s Hip Hop style combines a mix of grounded steps, popping, locking, powerful and explosive skills… contrasted with fresh, fluid isolation work.

Boys Only Hip Hop/Break Dance

An enjoyable class that allows boys to learn the popular Hip Hop style combined with basic break dancing skills. Strong emphasis is placed on teaching the traditional movement vocabulary associated with these two styles of dance including, popping, locking, isolation, power moves, freezes, floor and standing cross over steps, free styling and more …



This Class combines a mix of Traditional Theatre Jazz technique with a modernized street – funk inspired, movement vocabulary. This Style of dance can be linked to commercial pop dancing and music videos.

Acro (Acrobatics)

Students learn a mix of floor and aerial skills from basic to complex, including tumbling, lifts and flips. Acro (Acrobatics) employs traditional gymnastic skills with artistic elements that allow students to use what is learnt in a dance context.

Many of our keen Hip Hop and Jazz students are enjoying the extra skills acrobatic lessons provide.

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